DreamVillas Algarve Builders
DreamVillas Algarve Builders
DreamVillas Algarve Builders

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Builders in Algarve & Alentejo with  quality craftsmanship from start to finish. Give us a call.



Over 30 years in housing construction is synonymous with quality. Over the years, DreamVillas has been specializing in the construction and remodeling of homes in the Algarve. Our solutions and construction methods allow us greater energy efficiency, comfort and durability. All these high quality standards are only possible to achieve using the finest quality materials.




Remodeling your house, townhouse or doing small home improvements is usually associated with aesthetic reasons, but the truth is that at its base there is naturally the conservation and rehabilitation of a space, be it indoors or outdoors, such as the garden or pool area.

A team of experts ensures DreamVillas renovations at good price in kitchens or bathrooms. However, if you want the complete refurbishment of an apartment, you will be guaranteed over 30 years of experience working with various materials and aesthetic designs. The result is a dream!



At DreamVillas Algarve we use swimming pool construction techniques that make our work twice as strong as conventional materials. Only shotcrete allows the freedom to devise pools with unique shapes, sharp curves or unusual dimensions. This pool construction technique allows the design of any dream pool, no matter how bold it is.

By not having joints between the walls and the bottom as in the usual reinforced concrete, sprayed concrete guarantees 100% structural tightness, ensuring you will never have surprise water losses in your pool. It is for all these reasons that we chose shotcrete to build pools, thus betting on a much higher quality and low cost.




When you install solar accessories in your house, pool or garden, you are letting the sun do its job – and you are paying nothing for it. This is one of the reasons why solar investment is currently the best option on the market. Our solution is paid for in a few years and you are freed of energy costs that increase every month. Be free of monthly expenses with electricity. We do the full installation in record time, assure professional service, and you are safe in your investment as the sun works for you every day, and pays for your electricity bills.




The practice of sport is very important for maintaining good health. Investing in the use of sports equipment is undoubtedly synonymous with good health. We use the latest techniques of building tennis courts, our modern floors optimize your moves worthy of a true champion.

The versatility of DreamVillas sports fields also allows you to practice other sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and others. The severity and the rigor of our flooring construction allow use for years without need for maintenance.


DreamVillas Algarve Builders call today
DreamVillas Algarve Builders call today

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