DreamVillas Algarve Builders
DreamVillas Algarve Builders
DreamVillas Algarve Builders

Algarve Builders

Villa and home building in Algarve and Alentejo. Pool builders, renovations, restorations - Portuguese tradition, English Speaking.


DreamVillas Algarve Builders Home Renovations

Remodeling your villa, apartment, townhouse or doing small home improvements can be a perfect time for some longtime changes. We know it and so do our customers - our preservation and rehabilitation projects, be it indoors or outdoors, such as the garden or pool area, keep your house perfect for years.


DreamVillas Algarve  Villa Home Builders

Over the years, DreamVillas has been specializing in the construction and remodeling of homes in the Algarve and Alentejo, in southern Portugal. Our solutions and construction methods allow us greater energy efficiency, comfort and durability. All these high quality standards are only possible to achieve using the finest quality materials.


DreamVillas Algarve Pool Builders

At DreamVillas & DreamPools Algarve we use swimming pool construction techniques that make our work twice as strong as conventional materials. Only shotcrete allows the freedom to devise pools with unique shapes, sharp curves or unusual dimensions. This pool construction technique allows the design of any dream pool, no matter how bold it is.

DreamVillas... Reliable Algarve Builders!

DreamVillas is a construction company with excellent references in the Algarve, with a working basis founded on many years of experience in the construction and renovation of houses and pools, especially in the Algarve and Alentejo. This family business has put at your service strong local knowledge, extensive experience and an excellent list of practical advice with everyday utility, as well as a personal and professional attitude that leaves its mark on each construction or renovation project.

DreamVillas builds and renovates your villa with quality, and is proud to meet the specifications of each project, and the planned deadlines and budgets, be it in construction projects for individual properties or in cases of commercial installation projects.

DreamVillas is an experienced Algarve building company that deals with everything in your project: plans, builds and maintains for many years. We take responsibilities for our jobs and the long relationships with our national and international customers are the proof of this professional attitude.

Our most requested projects are the renovation or new construction of luxury housing with or without pool, remodeling and maintenance of commercial and sports facilities such as hotels, banks, golf club houses, aquatic complexes and restaurants.


Through projects pre-defined together with their architect, DreamVillas Construções allow us to obtain a final result that meets the highest standards of quality and rigor.


Our company is a quality reference, with the implementation of our projects fulfilling all levels of thermo-hygrometric, ventilation, acoustics and great natural lighting conditions. Be in the construction of your new home or pool, our quality and environmental concerns are one of the hallmarks of the company.


The good energy performance of a building, whether construction or rehabilitation, depends on a detailed preview of its future operations, translating into a sound design of geometry, structure and energy systems to be installed.

At DreamVillas we build with you in mind – Algarve and Alentejo, Portugal.


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DreamVillas Algarve Builders call today

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